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Why visit Queretaro, Queretaro?

Just a couple of hours away from Mexico City, is Queretaro, a place full of history that will delight even the most demanding.

At the time, Queretaro served as the capital of the country and is the cradle of the independence of Mexico, since it was where our founding fathers, began the independence plan.

Now, it is also surrounded by great natural treasures that result in beautiful landscapes that mix with its colonial buildings, resulting in a charming view.

Every corner of Queretaro is a new place you can discover, and what better than doing it with Infinity Car Rental, our years of experience in car rental, support us to provide you with a quality service.

According to the people from Queretaro “life would not be enough to do everything there is to do and know in Queretaro” and for this reason, we recommend renting a car with Infinity Car Rental, as this will make your trip a more comfortable, safe and practical experience.

Pros of renting with Infinity car rental in Queretaro, Queretaro

Queretaro is a place where there are plenty of options to visit, and it has an option for even the most demanding tourist. One of the best alternatives to explore the vastness of this city is to rent a car, as you will be able to transport yourself more easily and safely throughout Queretaro and its surroundings. If you are still not sure, we will list some reasons why you should rent a car in Queretaro.

Easy mobility: You will be able to transport yourself to any place you want with your rental car in Queretaro with Infinity Car Rental, without having schedules or limitations.

Comfort: When you rent a car in Queretaro with us, you will not have to share the vehicle with other people who are not from your circle, making the trip safer and more comfortable for you.

Time: By renting a car in Queretaro, you will be able to have your time as you wish and you will not lose long waiting periods looking for transportation.

What to visit with your rental car in Queretaro, Queretaro?

I already rented my car in Queretaro with Infinity Car Rental, now what? Well, surely you already have some options that you would like to visit during your stay in Queretaro, but if you still don´t know where to go, here are some options for you to juice your rental car in Queretaro with Infinity Car Rental:

Peña de Bernal: When you arrive at this magical town, you will feel as if you were transported to a dream world, due its architectural beauty mixes with its majestic natural beauty. Right here, is "La Peña", the third largest monolith in the entire world. It is an hour´s drive from Queretaro.

Cadereyta: It was recently recognized as a Magical Town, it stands out for its beautiful botanical gardens of cacti and succulents, typical of this semi-desert region. But if you dare to go further, you can go to Tzibanza Island, where you can fish and explore its beautiful springs. It is located one hour from Queretaro.

Pinal de Amoles: This is the perfect destination for those who love to be surrounded by nature. Here is the Puente de Dios, a rock formation where the waters of the Escanela River run, where you can cool off in the small pools of crystal clear water. It is only two hours from Queretaro.