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Why rent a car Infinity Rent a Car with?

  • Loss Damage Waiver 0 % Deductible (LDW)
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Primary Third Person / Property Liability (PLI)
  • Civil responsibility complement (SLI)
  • Medical Expenses insurances (PAI)
  • Theft Protection (TP)
  • Free mileage
  • State and Federal Taxes
  • Legal Assistance
  • Pick up and drop off at the Airport
  • Vehicle licensing cost
  • Additional driver

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Below we mention the advantages of renting with INFINITY car rental in Cancun Airport:

What are the requirements I should consider for car rental with Infinity in Cancun Airport?
    • The minimum age is 18 years. There is no maximum age limit.
    • Present an original and current driver’s license, with photograph.
    • The owner of the lease, or the authorized additional driver, must present their current driver’s license in the country of residence. It reserves the right to verify and accept driving licenses in accordance with the rules established by Infinity and to deny the lease, in case of any fault, or non-compliance with any of them.
    • A valid official ID, with photograph, IFE (for Mexicans) or a passport, with photograph, current, of the country of origin.
If I don’t have a credit card, can I rent a car in Cancun Airport with Infinity?
  • The credit card is an essential requirement to carry out your rent, however, if you do not have one, you can go to a “financial manager” to whom you must add as an additional driver, which has an extra cost. This holder must present all the aforementioned requirements.

Is gasoline included with Infinity Car Rental in Cancun Airport?
  • Gasoline is NOT included in the total quote. With the same level of gasoline that is received the rented vehicle must be delivered to the return, according to what will be stipulated in the lease. There are no refunds for excess gasoline. If there is any shortage of gasoline, the missing ones will be charged as follows.

    Gasoline rates
    Litre Car Categories
    All categories 30.00 MXN
What is the limit period with Infinity car rental in Cancun Airport?
  • The minimum rent is for 24 hours, regardless of whether the customer only uses part of that stipulated period.

With how much tolerance do I count on returning the vehicle with Infinity car rental in Cancun Airport?
  • There is a tolerance of 30 minutes, to return the rented vehicle, which will be agreed and stipulated in the lease. If the vehicle is not returned within the stipulated time and day, a charge of $15 per hour will apply. If the 3 hours are exceeded, the charge of a full day will be applied, according to the stipulated daily rate.

What if I exceed the time stipulated in my car rental in Cancun Airport with Infinity?
  • Fractions of the day that exceed 3 hours will be considered and charged as a full day.

Can I modify or cancel my car rental in Cancun Airport through Infinity?
  • Sure! You can make your cancellation or modification through our website:

    Infinity recommends that you read the modification or cancellation conditions written in your booking confirmation.

How do I know if my Infinity car rental reservation in Cancun Airport is confirmed?
What does my Infinity car rental reservation include in Cancun Airport?
  • The total quote, include the rent of the vehicle for a period of time stipulated in the lease (day, week or month), is with unlimited mileage and includes insurance.

What is not included in my car rental in Cancun Airport with Infinity?
  • The total quotation does not include the payment of fines, towing service, gasoline or leave the rented vehicle in another city or, any other situation attributable to the customer.

What extra services or products does Infinity Car Rental offer in Cancun Airport?
    • GPS + WIFI.
Where can I return the car for rent in Cancun Airport with Infinity?
  • You can do it in any of our branches, through our Drop-Off service, which has an additional charge, check with your advisor the costs (vary depending on the distance between each branch).

What are the branches available to return the vehicle with Infinity Car Rental in Cancun Airport?